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Hardstyle DNA

The organization was created back in 2008. The goal was to create Norway's own hardstyle family and give them purpose for their love of music. "Hardstyle DNA - It's in your blood" was a fact. Even though the first party was held in December 2008, we still consider 30th of April 2009 to be the year Hardstyle DNA was born.


It all started as a one-day boat party in the fjord outside Oslo, but in recent years, it has involved into a weekend party, traveling from Oslo to Denmark and back. On board, the DJs deliver more than 20 hours of non-stop music, in both above and below deck venues. The experience also includes sleeping and food accommodations with private onboard rooms and restaurants.

Home of hardstyle DNA and Hardcruise


Hardstyle DNA kicked-off in 2009 as an event host to hard dance music festivals in Norway. Today, we continue to provide banging line-ups for your entertainment.


Our events focus on genres within hard dance music including: hardstyle, hardcore, and their sub-genres such as raw and uptempo.


We host several events a year in Norway and offers both single day and multi-day festivals.


Throughout the years we have hosted big names and seen Norwegian artists climb the ranks in the scene. Including, Da Tweekaz, Refuzion, Forever Lost, Serzo, Matzic and Svane


DNA, beste venue for utvikling av Norske artister, for eksempel Serzo, Matzic, Da Tweekaz og Refuzion. DNA er med å utvikle interesse for hardstyle i Norge, men håper det blir større fokus på rawstyle og de andre hardere subsjangerne.
DNA har alltid med norske djs på event, som gjør at flere norske artister føler seg satt pris på

Mathias / Matzic

DNA Leverer lyd og lys som tilfredsstiller bedre og bedre for hver gang. Stadig utvikling av oppsett for bedre opplevelse. Løsningen sist med mulighet for å betale med kort og kontant var gull. Hyggelig besetning og godt vakthold. Et sted man blir kjent med mange fantastiske mennesker med samme interesse for god musikk. Anbefales på det sterkeste.

Kristian Vestereng

The best parties in Norway ❤ Amazing to be able to be a part of this! Keep them coming! 😃

Andreas Johansen

Fantastisk lyd! Fantastisk lysshow! Fantastisk stemning!

Fredrik Husby